Bio Oxygen Sani-Cloud


Sold with 4 Gallons 2A & 2B.


Product Description

Artemis Bio-Oxygen Sani-Cloud: The Chemistry behind this next generation high level cleaner is the development of a very specific attack against harmful contaminates based on the ions they possess. It has long been known that oxygen is very safe and effective at killing and neutralizing contaminates. Artemis Bio-Oxygen Sani-Cloud specifically attacks both nitrogen and sulfur ions, which are present in toxic contaminates and all amino acids.

Once Bio-Oxygen Sani-Cloud is applied, the solution draws the contamination into the liquid where the hazard is chemically neutralized, rendering the contamination harmless. BIO-OXYGEN SANI-CLOUD Solution consists of two components, part A, is a detergent and part B is activated oxygen.  Once blended, the solution denatures bacteria and viruses, with the detergent wetting out the area and ‘surrounding’ the target contaminates; then, positively charged micelles draw in the contaminates and the activated oxygen neutralizes all contamination.

Several hours after use, Bio-Oxygen Sani-Cloud breaks down becoming totally inert. It is non-toxic, harmless, naturally biodegradable, and can be safely rinsed down the drain.

Additional Information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 13 in

4-1Gallon 2 A & 2 B


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