MST-Micro Spray Fogger



Product Description

MST-Micro ULV Cold Fogger is the only fogger available designed specifically for the proper deployment of all Artemis Bio-Oxygen, Bio-40, Bug Interceptor, and disinfecting products

Key Benefits Overview

Corrosion and Chemical Resistant: The MST-Micro is constructed entirely of corrosion and chemical resistant materials including stainless steel, nickel plate, chrome, and viton nuba.

Delivers the Perfect Fog: The MST-Micro is engineered to deliver the perfect micron droplet at the perfect flow rate, maximizing efficacy, while avoiding over saturation.

Convenient, Affordable and Effective: Properly atomizing Artemis products with the MST-Micro cold ULV fogger will save you time and expense on your next job.

Easy to use, inexpensive, and engineered to deliver the perfect amount of fog to treat any area. With over 30 feet of fog throw you can treat thousands of square feet in seconds.

Additional Information

Weight 101 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 x 9 x 14 in


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